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Blox Fruit Guide for New Players

Blox Fruits can be pretty confusing when you first start playing. This guide will help to simplify it so you can start enjoying the game right away.

1. Getting Started

Pick Pirates as your side.
Most players choose Pirates.

Blox Fruits contains a whole bunch of islands across a few different seas. You begin on Pirate Starter Island.

Feel free to explore the island and get used to the controls. You can jump with the space bar, double jump by pressing the space bar 2x, dash with Q, and alternate between walk & sprint with Ctrl.

Did you notice you can also dash (Q) while in mid-air?
Also notice how your Energy meter depletes as you do certain actions.

You start the game with $100 (100 Beli), with 0 Exp (experience points), with only level 1 powers. Go to the next section to learn how to start leveling up to start your journey to becoming more powerful quickly.
Pirates or Marines
Quest Giver

2. Take a Quest

Find the Quest Giver and accept your first quest: Bandits.
In this quest, all you have to do is defeat 5 bandits. Bandits are the only enemies that you will find on Pirate Starter Island.

You should almost always try to have an active quest going when playing Blox Fruits. Completing quests gives you extra Exp (experience points) which you need to level up your character to become more powerful. Quests also give you Beli (money). You are going to be battling enemies anyway, so you might as well get the extra Exp and Beli for doing so by always having a Quest active!

You can also repeat the same Quests over and over so you can keep racking up that Exp and Beli quickly!

3. Defeat Bandits to complete the Quest.

Pirate Starter Island is littered with Bandits. It doesn't take much searching to find them. Once you do, it is time to fight them.

In Blox Fruits, you can only fight when you are in a fighting mode/style. Notice at the bottom of your screen a small box that says Combat with a 1 at the top. Press 1 on your keyboard to enter Combat mode. In this mode, you battle enemies with your fists. You can strike the enemies by clicking on screen where you want to attack.

Notice also that your default Combat fighting style also already has a special ability available for it. In the bottom right of your screen, see how Quick Tackle is highlighted with a Z next to it. This means you can use the Quick Tackle ability by pressing the Z key (or choosing it if on mobile). As you gain Exp, your Combat fighting style will level up separately as well (while you are using it) and unlock new abilities.

Continue to defeat Bandits until you defeat 5 of them. Notice how you then get a nice extra boost to your Exp and Beli! Now repeat the same process of getting a Quest and defeating Bandits until you get $1000 Beli. That will be enough to buy your first sword.

3A. Use Your Stat Points!

As you gain experience and level up, you will also start to earn Stat points. Stat points let you boost your attack power or your defense. You earn 3 Stat points every time you level up.

The Stats function is available within your menu (see screenshot above). When you boost Defense, you get 5 more Health points. When you boost Melee, Sword, Gun, or Blox Fruit, the power of that type of attack increases.

We recommend that you pour your points into the type of attack that you are focusing on. This will let you defeat enemies faster and faster. If you get to a point where tougher enemies are defeating you too easily, then start putting some points into Defense.

Eventually you will get to a point where you want to reallocate your stat points. When this time comes, use one of the Stat Reset codes from our Codes page.

4. Purchase a Sword

Once you have $1000, you should consider buying a sword from the Sword Dealer. He is near a building close to the boat dock on Pirate Starter Island.
Sword Dealer
You will now have 2 ways to battle enemies: with the Combat fighting style or with your new Katana. You change between the fighting methods by pressing the number key that corresponds to that method (usually 1 or 2 or 3 as you get started).
You can now start to level up our Katana's level. Maybe try to get it to level 20 to unlock Air Slash. Remember to do Quests while you do this! Also, if you are going to start grinding (battling enemy after enemy), it is probably time to start using a Code to unlock EXP boosts! See Step #5 below.

5. Redeem Free Codes for Exp Boosts

Check out our Blox Fruits Codes page for an updated list of all the latest free Codes that you can use to get 2X Experience boosts and more!

By using these codes, you can level up much faster than usual. Just be sure to only use the codes when you are going to be able to focus on grinding for a while.

6. Purchase a Fruit

Now we finally get to the eponymous part of the game which also happens to be our favorite part: the Fruits! Once you have about $5000 Beli, you should be able to buy your first Fruit. There is a Fruit Dealer on Pirate Starter Island right next to the Sword Dealer from step 4 above.

Fruit Dealer

Fruits are special items that you use to unlock special powers. Most of the powers are for battling enemies, but some of them can also be used for other purposes like traveling faster. Also, just like the fighting styles & swords, each fruit can be leveled up. Different abilities for each fruit are unlocked at different mastery levels.

You will start our only being able to afford a basic fruit, but don't worry. As you continue to level up and progress through the game, you will start to get much more powerful fruits so you can destroy enemies much more quickly -- in ways that usually look pretty cool!

7. Take a Boat to Jungle Island (and Beyond)

As you level up on Pirate Starter Island, when you reach level 10 the game will prompt you to take on a new Quest at Jungle Island. Once the Bandits on Pirate Starter Island are too easy for you, it is a good time to move on to Jungle Island and begin this new challenge.

First, go to the dock of Pirate Starter Island and talk to the Boat Dealer. Select to take the free Dinghy. Jump in the boat and position yourself into a seat. Use your compass to set sail for Jungle Island.


Once you arrive at Jungle Island, head to the very center where all the bridges lead in the middle.
Jungle Island Quest

Take on your next Quest. Keep completing each Quest on this island and you will find that you are leveling up and gaining Beli pretty quickly. Keep grinding!

"No matter how deep the night, it always turns to day, eventually." – Brook (One Piece)