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Blox Fruit Tips

Use Codes for Exp Boosts & More

The Blox Fruits team puts out new codes every week or two that you can use for different boosts within the game. Most of the codes are for 2x Experience so that your character will earn twice the amount of experience as usual for a certain time period.

We will post all codes to our site on our Codes page as soon as we hear about them, so check back to make sure you don't miss any.

Be Nice

Blox Fruits is filled with players who are not only very powerful but also very nice. If you are nice yourself, playing the game the right way (not begging), and having fun, you are bound to come across a powerful player who might help you out. Every member of our team received a free fruit at some time or another from a higher level player. Don't beg for it though - just play the game the way it was meant to be played and good things will happen for you!

We also encourage more powerful players to help out newer players when possible. If you see a newbie grinding to level up on Pirate Starter Island or Monkey Island, maybe consider giving them an extra fruit that you don't need. It is a huge difference to grind with even a more modest fruit like Smoke than it is to only have a Katana, for example.

Use Robux

A careful use of Robux can make a huge difference in Blox Fruits. We understand that not everybody has access to Robux, but for those who do, Blox Fruits offers you great advantages when you use them.

Some of the most popular purchases you can make with Robux within Blox Fruit are:
  • Fruit Notifier - very expensive at 2700 Robux, but it is probably the best way in the long run to get new fruits. The Fruit Notifier alerts you when a fruit has spawned on your map, and then shows you how far you are away from it to help you find it.
  • Permanent Fruits - choose the one that you think delivers the best bang for the buck. You never lose these fruits, so they can be a very good investment.
  • 2X Money - this can be a good choice for lower level players where it is harder to accumulate money as quickly.
  • 2X Mastery - this only applies to the mastery of fruits, swords, guns, and fighting styles. It does not double your Exp level, but it is still very helpful!

Have More Tips?

We would love to hear from you! Visitors of this website can submit feedback to the BloxFruitsDojo.com team. Feedback about this website, tips for playing Blox Fruits, and other comments can all be submitted via this Google Form.

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